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RTOERO 2022 scholarships invest in the health of seniors, communities

Jun 16, 2022

Across Canada, post-secondary students are preparing to make a difference in their areas of study and communities. The RTOERO scholarship program is helping 20 of them to get there. Two of these scholarship recipients have been nominated by District 39 Peel.

Nathan Hicks from North Gower, Ontario, is in the Master’s of Social Work program at Campbellsville University. Upon graduation, Nathan aims to practice psychotherapy. He notes a consistent theme of loss among many older individuals – the loss of a profession, identity, loved ones, motor function and cognitive abilities. All can contribute to poorer mental health. He says therapy services can be vital to people’s longevity and well-being.

Lauren Taylor from Oakville is studying the Bachelor of Education program at Brock University. Lauren wants her future students to be their happiest, healthiest selves. As a teacher, she aims to promote more physical activity, encouraging students to get outside, move around, and not be tied down to a desk. Through her passion for inclusion and equity, Lauren has taken numerous elective courses that focus on students with exceptionalities and learning disabilities. She believes all teachers should have that solid understanding, which will ultimately help all students.

In 2022, RTOERO has awarded scholarships valued at $3,000 each to 20 college and university students who are enrolled in programs that lead to a career in education, environmental stewardship or seniors’ health and well-being.

RTOERO members are encouraged to recommend students for the annual scholarships. To date, RTOERO has awarded scholarships totaling more than $550,000.

To apply for the scholarships, students had to describe how their studies and goals relate to RTOERO’s purpose, what influenced them to pursue their intended career and how their contributions (to family, school, work, community) have aligned with RTOERO’s goal and values.

This year’s recipients are studying in programs including nursing, medicine, speech-language pathology, social work, health sciences, biomedical engineering, physiotherapy, pharmacy and education.