Membership Fee Collection for 2024

Dec 04, 2023

  • For 2024, members will pay no more than $76.50 for their annual membership fee.
  • Current members whose 2023 fee was less than $73 will see an inflationary increase of 4.8% – which is equivalent to the annual inflationary increase for pensions in 2024.
  • The membership fee is waived for members who participate in the Entente Group Insurance Program. The membership fee for these members will be covered by income from long-term investments funded by insurance premiums.
  • RTOERO continues to offer free membership until retirement – or in the first year of joining for those who are already retired.

             Next steps   

  • Members who previously paid their fees by credit card or through pre-authorized debit will be notified by email or mail of the 2024 fee.
  • New members who are paying the fee for the first time will be notified by email about the 2024 fee and payment options.
  • Members who pay their 2024 fee by Dec. 31 will be entered in a draw for an iPad.
  • Members whose membership fee is paid through OTPP pension deduction will receive notices in December and January, as part of their pension statement.

If you have questions about the 2024 fee, please go to membership page, including FAQs, on the RTOERO website. Or, contact the RTOERO Office  [email protected] or 1-800-361-9888.